ROKi eCommerce

Fully Managed eCommerce - why we think its the future

The Pandemic

Ecommerce saw unprecedented growth during the pandemic, with brands seeing with the ARTS reporting that ecommerce sales increased by 43% or $242bn in 2020. Simply put, in economies where people were forced to stay indoors, online spend increased.

Fast forward to 2022 and pre pandemic numbers have returned, with ecommerce sales shrinking but with one fundamental difference, the cost of goods and the cost of doing business has increased - and increased sharply.

So what does fully managed ecommerce mean for my business?

A better bottom line. Ease of management. Cost control relative to your revenue. We've seen our customers margins reduce significantly even after significant cost reduction initiatives.

There is still a need to realise efficiencies around the cost of their technology with no loss of performance or impact on conversion.
ROKi commerce exists to provide a one stop solution for any size organisation. 

Fully managed application, hosting and infrastructure means that our customers can rely on a model that is cost effective and has allowed them to streamline their resource costs, better manage hosting charges and scale up or down as the demand for new features or development activity increases or decreases.

Benefits of a fully managed service:

  • Allows customer to run a lighter team internally
  • Fixed cost for hosting, application and all technology
  • Future proof, remain ahead of the curve and competition
  • Class leading security
  • Speed to market
  • Dynamically scale as your demand increases
  • Flexibility
  • B2B and B2C

The cost of good curve isn't showing any signs of decreasing, and we're actively working with our customers to realise the benefits of our fully managed service.

To discover more and discuss ways to make your ecommerce business more cost effective lets talk!