Guardian Bookshop

Delivering the largest multi site Magento store in history!

What is the Story?

The challenge we faced when working with the Guardian and their supplier was scale. Books and publishing was at the heart of the Guardian Bookshops business, and our role was to deliver a new Magento 2 site that could manage up to 6 million SKUs distributed across multiple stores to offer global readers one of the largest catalogues of books available.

To date, and we're writing this in 2021, we've not known or heard of any Magento store that has held, updated and processed that many SKUs and has delivered performance in line with its parent site, in this case the globally recognised and digested Challenges were presented to us as you can imagine when offering a site of this scale and complexity and where the customer base is global ensuring conversation was never affected by site performance was key.

A complete re work of their integration services leveraging the ROKi integration and transformation layer, R1, and working with the supply chain partners to deliver a robust, secure and scalable solution that ultimately offered the Guardian customers a seamless and elegant experience.